Industrial Experience

Middle East.

Saudi Arabia. Geosteering multilateral wells using biocomponents, lithofacies and LWD/MWD data within the Permian and Early Triassic Khuff Formation of the Haradh and Uthmaniyah Fields, Saudi Arabia.

North West Europe.

Norway. Casing picks in Late Paleocene to Miocene overburden sections. Late Cretaceous to Early Paleocene chalk sections including geosteering within Ekofisk, Tor and Hod Formations mainly on the Valhall, Ekofisk, Eldfisk and Tor Fields.

Denmark. Late Cretaceous to Early Paleocene Chalk sections. Geosteering on the South Arne Field.

UK. High resolution biostratigraphy of Early to Late Cretaceous sequences from the Culzean Prospect.

Western Atlantic.

Canada. High resolution microfossil biostratigraphy of Early Cretaceous to Paleogene sections combined with a review of regional correlation of marker taxa.


Mozambique. High resolution microfossil biostratigraphy carried out onsite and during follow up studies on exploration wells of Late Cretaceous to Neogene sections from Block Area 1, East Africa.

Tunisia. Multiple wells studied and wellsite biostratigraphy undertaken on the offshore Miskar and Hasdrubal Fields. Working on Turonian to Eocene sections.

Sierra Leone. Biostratigraphic analysis carried out on offshore Late Cretaceous to Paleogene sections.

Paleocene – Oligocene of Oman.

Onshore chalk sections from Denmark.

Paleogene sections from the Hampshire Basin.

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